Welcome to Sobermystic.com, a (est. 2005) recovery website

dedicated to helping you heal your relationships with yourself,

your higher power and others. This work is based on a Grapevine article Bill W. wrote in 1958 called EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY: THE NEXT FRONTIER.

It dealt with depression but I believe it can help with the other so called related disorders (relationships, sex, money, food, etc.) as well.  

I assume you have a firm handle on the 12 steps.

This information is useless if you don't stay abstinent.

Some people do not have to do this work but what if you were doing

everything the Big Book said to do and you still weren't happy?

Some of us become aware of other problems,

usually about 7 years clean.

For these people this work is life saving.

If you are one of us, you will be relieved to find out: you're not crazy,

you're wounded and that healing is possible.

When I say codependent I mean other dependent.

For me, its looking outside myself for validation.

If you can't find happiness inside of yourself and maintain it no matter how other people treat you then you, too, may be codependent. I believe the cure to codependence is healing your relationship to yourself and your higher power and then being able to heal your relationships with others.


The therapy I use is called Inner Bonding.

What's different about Inner Bonding?

It has given me the tools to learn from my painful feelings

instead of running from them.

It has shown me how to stop playing the victim and to take

responsibility for my needs and feelings.

It has taught me to see myself through the eyes of

my Higher Power and to stop abandoning, rejecting and abusing myself.


What you think of me is none of my business,

what I say to myself is, to paraphrase Terry Cole-Whittaker.


Please read Emotional Sobriety: the Next Frontier

in the Grapevine writings of Bill W. (see links)

And pages 133, xxvi, 52, 55 and 73 in the Big Book.


This website was originally designed to be a resource for my friends in recovery.
I am not a professional nor am I selling anything.
I can't diagnose or treat anything.
You never have my permission to hurt yourself or anyone else based on my writings.
If you are in a very dark place and can't see the way out, please, call someone or a program or 911.

My life is very much a work in progress. To this point, Innerbonding is the most spiritual therapy I have done (It opened my heart). And Gangaji is the most therapeutic spirituality, I have been exposed to. While other people were explaining everything, she invited me back into the mystery of my Heart, where I find peace. Everybody else has been important along the way and I am most grateful.



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